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Brick Paver Sealing

One of the most popular reasons for paver sealing is to restore it’s natural color and vibrance.  Our paver sealing process can create an enhanced wet look, or just a naturally clean look that enhances the pavers color. Another benefit of our Paver Sealer is that it will protect the pavers from stains from oil spills, the degrading effects of the sun.

Most brick paver sealers are made as a solvent-based paver sealer or water-based paver sealer. Solvent based paver sealers will only need 1 coat at the ratio of 100 feet per gallon. Solvent-based paver sealers are best applied with a roller or metal Chapin sprayers. Most paver sealers dry in a few hours and can be driven on in 24 hours.  Most Water-based paver sealers require 2 coats to ensure an even finish, but they can be easily aplied with a plastic garden sprayer or roller. Water based paver sealers will usually dry in about 2-4 hours. The only downside with water based paver sealers is that they are not recommended for driveways but they are perfect for all other types of patios and walkways. Keep in mind that regardless of the type of paver sealer base, all paver sealers will darken the natural colors of the pavers to some extent, in most cases they will appear wet once sealed.

Our brick paver sealing services will keep your brick patios, pool decks and walkways looking great.  We can clean and seal a variety of surfaces including concrete, pavers, artificial stone and slate surfaces. With our special paver sealing system most of these surfaces can be cleaned and sealed in just one day!

Our brick paver sealing services in Maryland can restore your brick pavers back to their natural luster, making your brick pavers look almost brand new.   The best brick paver sealing product we have found for sealing pavers in Maryland is Seal N Lock.  This paver sealer does more than just seal the pavers, it also “binds” the sand in place to prevent weeds from growing through the joints, and prevents them from common stains like oil, bird excrement and other natural stains.

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