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Three Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Anyone For Gutter Cleaning Services In Montgomery County Maryland


  1. Did you know that anyone that you hire to do the simplest of tasks, like tightening a nail or a screw on your gutter, is required to have a Maryland Home Improvement License?
  2. Did you know that it is a criminal offense to do home improvements (which is something as simple as tightening a nail or screw on your gutter) without a license?
  3. Did you know that if you hire an unlicensed Contractor in Maryland for home improvements that there is no protection from the Guaranty Fund?


Prices For Gutter Cleaning In Montgomery County Maryland

Our prices for gutter cleaning services in Montgomery County Maryland are usually under $100.00 for about 80% of the 25,000 clients that we work for.  Now $100.00 might seem like quite a bit of money if we were just going to “Clean Some Leaves Out Of Your Gutters”, but it’s not really that simple!
When you hire PowerWashCompany.com to clean the gutters on your home in Montgomery County Maryland, your not just hiring “some guy” that randomly knocks on your door on the weekend, that’s trying to make some fast cash to buy beer.

Your hiring an expert with 25 years of experience, a professional that is a licensed Home Improvement Contractor in Maryland, with Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation and Bonding that will protect you and your property from legal problems.  We also do far more than just clean your gutters.  We inspect them for problems, tighten the gutters and also perform a detailed inspection of your roof and the exterior of your home for over 50 common maintenance problems on residential properties.


Are You Still Wondering If You Should Hire PowerWashCompany.com To Clean Your Gutters?


Then check out the latest statistics from 2012 for ladder injuries from the Infographix Directory.  If that doesn’t convince you why you should hire a professional contractor to clean the gutters on your home, then I guess your just going to have to take your chances at doing it yourself.   But based on the information below, you might have better odds at winning the Lottery!
The Dangers Of Doing It Yourself!
Save yourself some time, and possibly your health, and hire PowerWashCompany.com to clean the gutters on your home in Montgomery County Maryland, by calling 301-216-9675 for a free estimate.

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