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Always Research Gutter Cleaning Companies Or Contractors In Montgomery County Maryland!

A good friend of mind that runs another local gutter cleaning company in Maryland made a post on his Facebook page tonight and said that he thought he was getting a lot of calls from people that were just trying to find out how much gutter cleaning prices are in Montgomery County.  After reading a couple of posts, I decided to make a comment of my own which I have re-written below.

Shouldn’t Contractors Encourage Consumers To Do Research Before Hiring A Contractor?

Personally I encourage People to shop out prices for services all of the time, and then go online to see if they have a web site and if they have a positive and professional appearance online before they considering hiring anyone, there’s nothing wrong with that at all!

Think about it for a minute, if you were going to spend $500, or even $100 of your hard earned money, wouldn’t you do some research on pricing and the company you were going to hire? Or would you just take a gamble on the first guy you talk too and risk having someone rip you off, cause a roof leak, or destroy your roof?
It’s a GREAT thing when people call to ask questions and check out your company. Then when they find out you know what your doing and your a legit company, they understand why you charge what you charge, even it it’s more than other guys, like that guy billy bob, that was knocking on all of the doors in your neighborhood, or sticking illegal flyers in the mailboxes trying to do the same job for half the price…  Sooner or later, everyone is taken by one of these con men and usually they realize it when it’s too late.

Here is a story one of my gutter cleaning clients told me about earlier this year.

“I found out from my next door neighbor later that the guy I hired peed in the bushes while he was working on my house, and he killed my rose bush! I’m not sure what they guy was drinking, but he killed my rose bush, and then I found out that my brand new $700 charbroil grill was missing!”

ALWAYS Encourage people to do their research! It will only separate you from the con artists and bozos that prey on the consumers that don’t do their research, and it puts you in a winning position!

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