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4 DIY Savings Around the House

Kate Sorenson of Coupon Cravings has contributed this DIY piece.  Sorenson is the couponing brains behind the coupons and deals site, CouponCravings.com.  The site offers daily savings opportunities to help consumers save more money.


We have many nicknames for the places we live. We call it “home sweet home” and say that “a man’s house is his castle.”  We also call it “the money pit.” It can take a big bank balance to keep a home running, and there are lots of costs involved with renovation and maintenance.


  1. Stick with a basic. This Old House has a useful article about how to save money on your home, and one of their recommendations is to paint all the trim around your house one neutral color. You won’t buy lots of different cans that don’t get used up, and you’ll always know which color to use. It’s also a great strategy from a design standpoint because the common color will unify the rooms.
  2. Buy tools used. Get Rich Slowly recommends buying the tools you need from places like Craigslist and Freecycle. Most hammers and other household implements will last a lifetime, so it’s safe to buy them used. You might also look at yard sales, thrift stores, and in your neighbor’s garage. You might be able to borrow what you need, and this might be the best option if it’s something you don’t generally have a need for, like a posthole digger. You don’t want to have to store something you may never use again.
  3. Do things the old-fashioned way. The Do It Yourself website has a nifty tutorial for building your own clothesline. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it’s not a hard project, but it will save you lots of cash on your energy bills, and your clothes will have a fresh scent that’s hard to get from artificial fragrances.
  4. Trade Skills.  Perhaps you’ve had a lot of experience at putting on shingles, while your neighbor has had to construct a few short brick walls in his time. See if you can use the expertise of people around you. People are often happy to trade for services they can’t do themselves, and you’ll save a lot of money on the services of professionals. You’ll also get to know the people next door, and that’s an added bonus.


There are a lot of opportunities to spend money on our homes, but there’s also a lot of ways to save. Research your options, and you’ll be able to spend your money in places where it really counts. Your home should be a haven. If you’re not worried about what it costs, it will be a far more restful place. Say goodbye to the money pit and enjoy your home sweet home.

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