Power Washing Services
In Maryland, Virginia,
District of Columbia and
Surrounding Areas

Our mission at PowerWashCompany.com is to provide outstanding power washing services for all of our clients. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to train our technicians and to follow the Best Management Practices for the power washing industry and to keep up to date with the latest procedures for the services we provide.

Residential Pressure Washing Company In Montgomery County Maryland And Surrounding Areas

Our power washing services are performed using a low-pressure cleaning system with professional-grade environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, and hot water that is designed to break down mold, mildew and surface dirt so that it can be safely rinsed away using low pressure. We have cleaned roofs, siding, decks, patios, and other surfaces for over 60,ooo homes in Montgomery

County Maryland using our process.

Our technicians have taken extensive classroom and field courses from Alliance Trade Services, the Power Washers of North America, the Contractors Foundation and other training organizations to ensure that all of the work we do is based on the latest standards in the power washing industry.

Commercial Power Washing Services

We have cleaned thousands of properties in Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, New York, and even California for shopping centers, malls, entire residential communities for HOA’s, condominiums, townhouse communities, apartment buildings, hotels and company buildings since 2000.

Government Power Washing Services

We have cleaned City, State, County and Federal Government Properties including college stadiums, buildings and some of our Nations most treasured monuments including the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, the Abner Doubleday Stadium in Cooperstown New York, the DC Armory and other Government Properties all over North America since 2002.

Industrial Power Washing Services

We have cleaned hundreds of facilities including water towers, building exteriors, industrial equipment, interior warehouse cleaning including removing dust from beams and other surfaces in warehouses and processing plants since 2001.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Trained Pressure Washing Company!

  • We use Low-Pressure cleaning methods that safely clean your property.
  • We use professional-grade equipment to prevent damages and mishaps on your property.
  • We provide better quality as a result of using Industry Standards.
  • We provide a Better Experience due to 30 years of experience and our training!

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