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Halloween Pranks 2012

Removing eggs from cars

The first thing you should when removing eggs from cars is to immediately rinse the egg spots from your car with your garden hose.  If the egg is new, this might be the only thing you have to do if your lucky.  By hosing it down quickly, the eggs won’t have time to adhere to the finish.  If that doesn’t work, or if the eggs have already dried, then read this article on removing eggs from cars.

Removing Toilet Paper From Trees

If someone covers your trees in Toilet Paper this Halloween don’t worry, we have a couple of tips for you that will help you get it down quickly and safely!  Click here for tips on removing toilet paper from trees.

Removing Graffiti, Hire A Contractor Or Do It Yourself?

For graffiti removal we recommend hiring a professional like PowerWashCompany.com, but if its something that you really want to do yourself,  a product that I highly recommend is this graffiti removal product from Sun Brite Supply Of Maryland .    I have homeowners that have tried to do it themselves with other products, and they ended up causing a lot more damage to the surface.  The key to successfully getting it off without damaging the surface its on, is to hire a professional, or you can… Click here to read more about removing graffiti


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