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High Wind Damages to your home during storms

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Major high wind damages from storms damaged homes in Montgomery County Maryland recently. Most damages were to roof shingles, ridge vents, siding and wood fences caused by high wind damages. If your area had high wind damages we suggest that you read this page and use the photos and information to check your home for high wind damages. Pay close attention and use binoculars if necessary due to high wind damages might not be easily seen.

High Wind Damages causing roofing damages in Montgomery County Maryland

High Wind Damages are Common to roofing systems

High wind damages roofing shown in the photos below by lifting up the shingles and tearing them from the roof, in some cases whole sections of the roofing can be sheared off when winds gust up to 40MPH or more. High wind damages can cause some heavy roofing damage, including missing or torn off ridge vents, gable vents and other  venting systems on the roof.  High wind damages ridge vents by catching an edge of the vent that is loose or not fastened well.

These damages if not fixed quickly could cause more shingles to blow off, and cause roof leaks.

High Wind Damages to this ridge vent was blown off of a home during a storm last year. Missing ridge vents will allow water to pour into the attic and cause serious interior damages.

High wind damages to shingles, in this photo the damage isn’t that bad but now other shingles are exposed, which can cause more damages quickly!

High wind damages to trees can break off tree limbs which can damage roofs. In some cases the branch will punch a hole through the roofing.

High Wind damages comes in all forms, especially siding!

High Wind Damages any type of siding and blow off if its loose or in some cases,  if the wind catches the edge of the siding the right way. If you notice problems like these on your home get them fixed soon. If pieces are missing from your home it can entire sections of the siding to come off from light winds so get your siding repaired quickly!

High winds blew out this section of siding, the entire side is now loose and flapping in the wind.

High winds can easily blow off sections of siding, like shown in this photo.

Plastic or vinyl gable vents can shatter causing high wind damages. This can create easy access into your home from animals and the weather.

High wind damages to fencing

Wood fences and fence posts that are partially dry rotted can also become a victim of high winds, the pressure of 40MPH winds can easily take down a wood or vinyl fence.

High wind damages this fence when the force broke the dry rotted posts.

This photo shows a wood fence that was blown over by high winds.

If you have roofing damages or other damages on your home contact us for a free estimate and notify your insurance company.  In some cases roof repairs will be lower than deductible or filing a claim may even cause your insurance costs to increase. The decision is up to you of course, but get the high wind damages repaired quickly before they lead to other problems like water damage. For a free estimate for repairing roofing damages or any type of high wind damages, or power washing services call 301-762-9274.


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