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Avoid This Common Mistake

Are you SO focused on your business that you miss out on everything else that’s going on around you?  I just got back from a 6 day trip to Las Vegas this morning and was scrolling down my Facebook feed and relaxing when I saw this video.  I was surprised that so many people would just walk by without even noticing what was going on right next to them.

I work a lot of hours and I tend to forget things once in a while, but I know, that I would have stopped if I saw this.   A friend of mine on Facebook talks about Gratitude all the time, he believes that Gratitude changes Attitude.  I’m sure that some people think he’s crazy, but I know how important it is to appreciate what you have, so I have to agree with him.  Because if you are so focused on work all of the time, or working on your equipment, or your house, you won’t have the time to be able to a enjoy the people, or the other things that you worked so hard for.

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