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Unsatisfied With PowerWashCompany.com

Thank you for contacting PowerWashCompany.com, our office will contact you as soon as possible.  For emergency service or to speak with someone from our office immediately, call 301-762-9274.



I am truly sorry to hear that you were unsatisfied with a service that we provided for you!  Can I discuss the situation with you so that I can find out what the problem was, and to make sure that we don’t make the same mistake again?

Please contact me directly at your convenience and I will work with you as quickly as possible to find out what your concerns are, and to get them resolved them for you!

Henry Bockman, President
Cell Phone: 240-274-0300
Office: 301-762-9274
E-mail: henry@powerwashcompany.com


For any inquiries please email