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Green Farm Conservation Park

Green Farm Conservation Park – Snouffer School Rd Gaithersburg MD USA

204-acre conservation park featuring wildlife, 2 ponds and trails for nature walk. A great place to enjoy nature and relax with family.

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1. Park Entrance

Located on Snouffer School Rd in Gaithersburg MD USA, Green Farm Conservation Park is a 204-acre park with two ponds and a nice hiking trail. It’s a perfect place to go for a nice, brisk hike in the summer heat. It’s also a good place to visit if you want to spend time outdoors with your family or friends. The park has a few other features too, like restrooms and picnic areas. This is a great destination for the entire family, especially the kids and dogs! The best part is that there’s no admission fee. You can even bring your own lunch!

2. Parking

Parking is available at the park’s paved lot off Snouffer School Rd, but there is also a parking garage nearby with 726 prime parking spaces. The parking garage has time-restricted parking for day-long visitors and customers, but it’s free for everyone to use if you don’t need your car all day.

This 204-acre conservation park features wildlife, 2 ponds and hiking trails through fields and forest. It’s a nice place for families to enjoy the outdoors. There are many different birds to look for, including Prairie Warblers, Yellow-breasted Chats, Red-shouldered Hawks and Eastern Towhees. The ponds provide good fishing and the wooded trails are perfect for birding in bare feet or minimalist shoes. There are also several picnic areas to choose from. So make sure to stop by Green Farm Conservation Park if you’re visiting Gaithersburg, Maryland! Click Through to the Following Web Page.

3. Trails

204-acre conservation park with wildlife, 2 ponds, and hiking trails through fields and forest.

This is a great place to enjoy nature with the family. There are plenty of paths to walk or jog and there are two ponds where you can fish.

There is also a small stream along the trail that attracts birds looking for a bathing spot. The meadow has a wide variety of wildflowers and other plants, providing habitat for butterflies.

The forested areas are mature woods with circular walks that offer good birding. Expect to find Eastern Wood-Pewee, Acadian Flycatcher, Wood Thrush, Ovenbird, and Northern Parula. The scrubby fields are good for breeding field sparrows and Eastern Bluebird. The small lily-covered pond is another excellent site to see a variety of waterfowl.

4. Picnic Areas

Picnics are a great way to spend a day in the outdoors. If you’re looking for a scenic place to enjoy your lunch, Green Farm Conservation Park Snouffer School Rd Gaithersburg MD USA is worth visiting. It features 204 acres of open space, including trails that take you through fields and forests. It also has two ponds and is home to wildlife.

There are several picnic areas in the park. Some of them feature social distancing circles painted on the ground to ensure proper spacing for all visitors. Other parks are designated for bring-your-own picnics and offer responsible distanced picnic tables, as well as hand sanitizing stations and cleaning supplies. These parks are a must-visit when in the area. Pro tips: Be socially distant while you picnic and always keep trash in your backpack or bag, so that it doesn’t contaminate other picnickers’ food. Read This.

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