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Dustless Media Blasting Services

Our dustless media blasting services can restore building exteriors and be used as a paint stripping system that can remove virtually any coating from any surface. Dustless Blasters are designed to combine water and abrasive so that we can clean and strip surfaces while consuming less media per job resulting in a cleaner work area.

If you’re looking to clean surfaces, you’ll find that there are many options available. However, the one option that works on practically any surface is our dustless media blasting.


Our Media Blasting Services

Media Blasting

Industrial Media Blast Cleaning

With over 30 years of experience offering EPA Compliant Pressure Washing, we have seen the need for EPA compliant pressure washing services increase each year. Fines for failing to meet EPA compliance can be as high as $50,000 for the company providing pressure washing, and for the owner of the property.
Media Blasting

State of the Art Equipment

Thermal Extraction Process is a method that few companies offer. It requires specialized equipment to reach the temperatures needed for the Thermal Extraction Process to begin. These units can cost well over $140,000 dollars to build with some reaching upwards of $300,000 dollars for a single unit.
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Industrial Media Blasting Guaranteed

We have cleaned Hundreds of facilities including water towers, building exteriors, industrial equipment, interior warehouse cleaning including removing dust from beams and other surfaces in warehouses and processing plants since 2001.

Our Customer Reviews

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Customer Review
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Awards and Certifications


Training and Certifications employees are some of the best trained and certified technicians in North America to ensure that “YOUR PROPERTY” is cleaned correctly and safely without causing any damages!

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Benefits of hiring!

  • Low Pressure cleaning methods that safely clean your property.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to remove stubborn stains.
  • Safer equipment to prevent damages and mishaps on your property.
  • Reliable on time service within a two hour time frame.
  • Better quality as a result of learning the right techniques and methods so you don’t have to Baby-sit our technicians!.
  • A Better Price! The training our technicians take and the systems we use increase our quality so the job can be performed faster allowing us to offer a better value.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the best power washing company near me?

Finding the best power washing company near me can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. To begin with, look for companies that are professional and knowledgeable in the power washing business. They should be familiar with different methods of power washing and able to provide you with both quality workmanship and customer service. Additionally, try ones that offer competitive prices as well as services such as upholstery cleaning or window cleaning.

Next, take some time to research reviews online from previous customers who have used the same power washing company you’re considering. Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or family members can also help lead you in the right direction if they’ve had a good experience with their power washing service in the past.

Are you trained and certified for power washing?

Yes, Training and certification are extremely important!  All of our field technicians are fully trained and certified, and we also require our office staff to attend training so they can answer any questions that you have about our services or work that we perform for you.  Some of the training classes our staff has taken include: PWNA and Contractors Foundation Certification Classes for house washing, roof cleaning, exterior building cleaning, commercial power washing, flatwork cleaning, environmental cleaning. Plus additional classes for Wolman Wood Certification, ABR Wood Certification, Environmental Awareness and Cleaning, Pressure Washing 101, Pressure Washing 102, House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Low Rise Building Cleaning and Safety training.  Our president Henry Bockman helped create much of the training classes, manuals and certification exams for the industry.  He is also an approved instructor for the Power Washers of North America, the Contractors Foundation, Alliance Trade Education  and teaches classes all over North America on the proper methods and techniques for power washing.

Some of the benefits of hiring are:

* Low Pressure cleaning methods that safely clean your property.

* Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to remove stubborn stains.

* Better quality as a result of using the right techniques and methods.

* A Better Value, because the training and equipment we use increase our quality and productivity allowing us to offer a better value to our clients.

Are contractors required to be licensed for power washing?

Yes, The Maryland Home Improvement Commission requires licensing for companies that work on residential homes and follow the Best Management Practices in the industry which recommends using cleaning solutions, not High Pressure for cleaning.  The Home Improvement Commission also requires a Home Improvement License for sealing and staining decks. A contractor with a Home Improvement license also offers the protection of the Guaranty Fund to homeowners, allowing the homeowner monetary relief for damages to the property caused by a contractor. Our Maryland Home Improvement License is MHIC #65039 under our Corporation Henry’s Housework Inc.

Do you have references for your work?

Over the last 31 years Thousands of our clients have sent in notes, posted reviews online and called in to tell us how much they have loved the work that our power washing companies have done for them. (In 2018 we started to merge several power washing companies we owned into one main company We also have letters from President Bush, Governors, Mayors and several organizations about our staff on different review sites all over the Internet. In 2018 we started using a third party review system in order to keep track of them easier for our visitors. Click here to see reviews from all of our power washing divisions in one place.  (Insert link to review page)

How much experience do you have?

We started offering exterior cleaning and power washing services in 1989 and have over 100 years of combined experience for different types of clients.

Residential Services

We have over 50,000 Residential clients in Montgomery County Maryland that we have cleaned siding, roofs, decks, patios, driveways, gutters and other surfaces for since 1989.

Commercial Services

We have cleaned Thousands properties in Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, New York and even California for shopping centers, malls, entire residential communities for HOA’s, condominiums, townhouse communities, apartment buildings, hotels and company buildings since 2000.

Industrial Services

We have cleaned Hundreds of facilities including water towers, building exteriors, industrial equipment, interior warehouse cleaning including removing dust from beams and other surfaces in warehouses and processing plants since 2001.

Government Services

We have cleaned Thousands of City, State, County and Federal Government Properties including college stadiums, buildings and some of our Nations most treasure monuments including the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, the Abner Doubleday Stadium in Cooperstown New York, the DC Armory and other Government Properties all over North America since 2002.

Are the cleaning solutions you use safe for my plants?

All of the products we use are from Sun Brite Supply of Maryland and are biodegradable and environmentally safe cleaning solutions designed specifically for the surfaces we are cleaning.  The professional cleaning solutions we use provide better results and outperform products from local hardware stores because we believe that our clients deserve to get the best products and results possible!  We also follow all Manufacturer suggestions and carry Safety Data Sheets for every product we have on our trucks for safety.  Most contractors use home made recipes, that include bleach mixed with other products they buy from big box stores which can result health risks, damage to your plants, and your property. Inconsistent mixing of chemicals like this can also result in poisonous gas and chemical explosions.

Are you a member of any Industry Organizations?

We are members of the Power Washers of North America and several other trade organizations. Our President Henry Bockman is very involved in the Industry and has served on the Power Washers of North America as a Board Of Director, the Chairman of communications, Bulletin Board Administrator, Website designer, served on the Education Committee, helped design the PWNA Training and Certifications classes in 2005, and was the creator and chairman of the Clean Across America campaign.  Henry Bockman also led the way in forming the PWNA Maryland state chapter and served as its president.  Henry Bockman has also worked with local authorities to create Best Management Practices for the mobile pressure washing industry in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.  These BMP’s will enable mobile pressure washers to provide pressure washing services without harming the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and our environment, and also prevent damages to all property including Historic buildings.

Do you have a physical office?

Yes we currently have 5 office locations.

Do you offer other services?

Yes, we offer gutter cleaning services, gutter guard installations and any type of pressure washing service or exterior cleaning services you could need.  Visit our website at for details.

Do you offer satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, if you are not happy with the service our technicians provide we will come back out to remedy any issues or redo the job again until you are 100% satisfied with our service.

How long have you been in business?

31 Years

Are you insured?

Yes, of course!  Every professional exterior cleaning company should have the necessary insurance and Worker’s compensation insurance is also important as you don’t want to be liable for injuries that could occur although it is highly unlikely. They are companies that hire employees as contractors and this is usually a grey area as far as worker’s compensation is concerned. Ask the right questions and make sure you’re not liable for any injuries that might be sustained.

Is there a difference between cold water and hot water pressure washing?

Yes. There are several advantages to offering hot water pressure washing capabilities, which we do. Hot water is a natural disinfectant. Therefore, when cleaning a surface with hot water, it does not only clean the surface, but it also kills bacteria such as algae. This keeps the surface cleaner for a longer period of time. Imagine cleaning your dishes with cold water – much less effective. Additionally, hot water has the ability to cut grease. This makes hot water pressure washing very useful in places such as parking garages where cars tend to leave behind greasy fluids from things like oil or transmission leaks. Unlike cold water pressure washing, hot water can remove gum by melting it off the surface and it makes it possible to pressure wash in colder weather. As long as the temperature is above 32 degrees, the surface can be cleaned with hot water.

What is the difference between power washing, pressure washing and soft washing?

All of these terms basically describe the same thing, exterior cleaning services. The terms “power wash” and “pressure wash” are very similar, but there are a few distinctions. Power washing utilizes the same idea of blasting water at a high pressure, only with hot water. This sets power washing apart because the hot water not only acts to sanitize surfaces, it is also superior at breaking down hydrocarbons and organic materials.

So power washing (hot water systems) are usually used for cleaning sidewalks, driveways, stone walls, parking garages, building exteriors and concrete. They are more commonly seen in commercial and industrial settings or cleaning concrete at residential properties.

Pressure washing is “All About The Pressure” How much PSI and GPM the machine uses dictate how effective it is to clean but it is not a very efficient process.  The pressures are high enough to be dangerous to people and the surface being cleaned. Amateurs often learn the hard way about the cutting power of a pressure washer when cleaning a wood deck or worse.  The water is pushed out at such a high rate, it can cut through skin to the bone in a split-second. It can also strip paint off siding.  Usually pressure washing is best used in industrial situations to remove coatings.

Soft Washing

The term Soft Washing was created for marketing purposes, in most cases “Soft Washing” is actually performed with pressure washers, but the pressure has been reduced, and chemicals are combined with “Low Pressure” to clean surfaces.  This method is a LOT FASTER, but if it is performed incorrectly by someone with very little training they can oxidize painted surfaces and kill landscaping.

Soft Washing is done using less than 500 PSI for rinsing or chemical application. The contractor will use a HVLP system which means High Volume Low Pressure.  It is performed with equipment that puts out less pressure, or the tip of the pressure washer is replaced with one that has a larger orifice and widens the spray from a laser beam to a fan of water. uses a Hybrid system that we developed 31 years ago that combines hot water, professional grade cleaning solutions designed to break down mold, mildew and surface dirt and “High Volume” water.  By combining all three methods together, the hot water makes our cleaning solutions work better, so we use less “Chemicals” which is safer for the environment, we can apply cleaning solutions and rinse them from surfaces much faster, so our process is more efficient and safer than all three of the other methods.

What are PSI and GPM? uses “Low or NO” pressure process for cleaning.  We use Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are designed to break down mold, mildew and surface dirt so they can be rinsed away without using any pressure.

PSI is pounds per square inch. This is what delivers the cleaning power during a power wash, forcing contaminants off the surface.

GPM is the gallons per minute. This flushes the contaminants pushed off by the PSI.

Both are very important. Some people do, however, prefer more PSI or more GPM depending on their needs. A farmer may want more GPM to flush contaminants away from the fresh soil; a business owner may want more PSI to get the grime off the exterior surface of his or her storefront.

However, using pressure is NOT recommended by the Power Washing Industry Standards.

Health Benefits of Professional Washing

Giving your home or business a deep cleaning is important, not just for aesthetics. Your health is impacted by the long-term build-up of dirt, mold, pollen, algae, and decaying matter. All that stuff piles up over time in between cracks, underneath sidings, around stones, and on patio furniture.

Can you give me a quote over the phone without seeing my house?

Yes. Our trained professionals know what questions to ask in order to gain the information needed to give an accurate quote. We also use city records to obtain the square footage of your home to aid in this process.

Why is insurance important to me as a homeowner?

Many contractors state they have insurance, but few actually have more than an automobile policy. Damage can occur to your home by a contractor, or a worker could be injured on your property, and you could easily be held responsible. Always ask for proof of insurance… that little question could save you thousands of dollars.

I received another company’s coupon offering very low prices, are your services more expensive?

Low priced offers, according to the Better Business Bureau, result in the most complaints and unresolved problems reported to the BBB. We take pride in creating long term relationships with our customers. This is the result of our excellent customer service.

Are all power wash companies alike?

Anyone can purchase a pressure washer. Simply owning a pressure washer and advertising that you offer a service doesn’t mean you can operate it effectively. A pressure washer in the hands of an unskilled operator will do a great deal more harm than good. We have seen decks ruined by too much pressure and harsh chemicals, siding blown off houses, plants and yards killed, windows broken, and even new paint peeled.

My contractor said my siding and deck were zero maintenance.

Low maintenance yes, zero maintenance no. Anything left outside in this area’s humidity and sun will get dirty. Your car gets dirty sitting in your driveway and so does your deck.

How long have you been power washing?

Since 1989, we have been a full-time professional pressure wash and deck staining/sealing contractor. We do not have sideline businesses that would distract from giving our customers the finest exterior cleaning services.

I am concerned about the amount of water you will use.

Our low pressure heated cleaning method uses less water than other types of exterior cleaning. A typical exterior house wash uses approximately $5.00 of water, which has already been subtracted from the cost of the service.

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