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Parking Garage Cleaning Services

Parking garage cleaning services provided by provide a safe, clean atmosphere for visitors to your property in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC.
Our full service parking garage cleaning, parking lot sweeping and pressure washing services are designed to keep your parking garage areas as clean as possible at all times to give your company a clean professional appearance.

Parking Garage Cleaning Services

Our Parking Garage Cleaning Services

Parking Garage Cleaning Services

Prices For Parking Garage Cleaning Services

Professional Parking Garage Cleaning Services 300x167 1The prices for parking garage cleaning can vary depending on the condition of the garage, and the quality of the service. Parking garage cleaning with full water reclamation and cleaning of the parking garage structure usually runs between 10 – 28 cents per square foot.
If you hire a pressure washing company for parking garage cleaning, make sure they are following all requirements for reclamation and discharge into the local sewer. Ask to see the companies NMDS Permit if they are discharging any water into the sewer system, and make sure they have a filtration unit.

This is important, because most areas of the country make the owner of the parking facility and the parking garage cleaning company responsible for EPA violations by not following the procedures for correct environmental cleanup.

Power Scrubbing And Sweeping Services

A Tennate Ride on Scrubber is used to pick up spills and dirt that build up on the surface of the parking garage and can remove most of the soil that is imbedded into the concrete. When applying detergent to the oil stain, the Tennate ride on scrubber can produce up to 400 lbs per sq. inch of scrubbing force to a newly formed stain.

This type of equipment can be used on a monthly, quarterly or semi annual preventive maintenance program. It is not designed to replace a regular parking garage cleaning program though. We recommend that parking garages are always cleaned on an Annual basis to remove soil and hydrocarbons that a Tennate scrubber has left behind.

In addition to using a tennate scrubber, there are other details to consider including in your parking garage cleaning maintenance plan.

  • Using a hot water pressure washer to clean along the edges of walls, remove stains that have penetrated into the surface, and to remove gum.
  • Using a blower to clean along garage walls, corners, entrance/exit areas, elevator landings and other areas to remove trash, cigarette debris, leaves and dust.
  • Pre treating oil stains and other leaking fluids from vehicles.
  • Detailing services such as cleaning overhead pipes, ducts, signage, stairwells or other areas that are covered in dust.
  • Seal Coating Garage sealing and coating with UV protection, as necessary. is also capable of handling your parking garage cleaning, sealing, parking lot striping and power washing needs to maintain your parking facility.

Depending on your parking garage’s cleaning needs we will work with you to define a parking garage cleaning maintenance plan that meets your needs and fits within your properties budgets.

Cleaning a parking garage is imperative for keeping and gaining customers, reducing liability, and retaining value. At, our mission is to provide the absolute highest quality exterior maintenance services using the safest, most efficient and cost effective methods available today.

In an effort to save money, some parking garage operators may choose to delay cleaning their garages. Although this may seem like an easy cost to rule out, parking garage owners should consider the benefits of parking garage cleaning, and the potential liabilities for not performing routine maintenance.

Safety concerns for the public should be a number one priority. Dirt buildup and oil spots could potentially cause liability problems. For example, a person may slip on an oil spot or track dirt into their vehicle. If harmed, the person may voice concern for this problem. Cleaning the parking garage can prevent these problems from arising.

Curb appeal is important for all businesses and homes. The money spent on the appearance of a parking garage is worth every penny if more customers choose to park in that garage. Regular customers or those on a subscription program may even refer the garage to colleagues, friends, or family. A clean and well lit parking garage will make customers feel more secure, and satisfy your investors and customers.

Retain value of the property by regularly cleaning it. The longer a parking garage operator waits to clean the property, the harder it will be to remove stains. In some cases allowing stains to stay on the surface for long periods of time makes it impossible to remove them. Failure to clean parking garages and parking lots will also ultimately lower the value of the parking garage.

Parking Garage Cleaning Using A Thermal Extraction Process

This procedure is a method that few companies offer. It requires specialized equipment to reach the temperatures needed for the Thermal Extraction Process to begin. These units can cost well over $140,000 dollars to build with some reaching upwards of $300,000 dollars for a single unit. They usually have twin boilers with a ratio of 168,000 to 230,000 BTUs for every (1) gallon water produced per minute output of the washer. This is a significant amount of BTU ratio to every gallon of water produced. This ratio is needed to reach the 290 to 400+ degrees at FULL flow rate of the washer. To reach these temps with a full flow system creates the ability to clean up to 6-12 times greater than a upscale Commercial Pressure washer which has a BTUs rating of only 450,000 BTUs or 65 to 75,000 BTUs per gallon of water. Hot water commercial pressure washers can be effective, but if you need Thermal Extraction cleaning, one of our sub contractors can provide this service for you. Just contact us for a referral.

How Often Should Parking Garages Be Cleaned?

Hot Water Parking Garage Cleaning ServicesAs the country moves toward greener environment, parking garage owners are focusing on keeping their parking areas cleaner to meet current expectations of their clients. The recommended cleaning cycle depends on the age and usage of the parking structure. But we recommend that the average parking structure should be cleaned every six months to a year. A documented parking garage cleaning maintenance plan can help prevent any potential lawsuits for lack of maintenance issues as a result of slippage. It can also help prevent fines from the EPA if they find runoff from the oil and heavy metals in the storm drains or around your parking garages and parking lots.

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Benefits of hiring!

  • Low Pressure cleaning methods that safely clean your property.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to remove stubborn stains.
  • Safer equipment to prevent damages and mishaps on your property.
  • Reliable on time service within a two hour time frame.
  • Better quality as a result of learning the right techniques and methods so you don’t have to Baby-sit our technicians!.
  • A Better Price! The training our technicians take and the systems we use increase our quality so the job can be performed faster allowing us to offer a better value.


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