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King Farm Park Watkins Pond Blvd Rockville MD United States

King Farm Park Watkins Pond Blvd Rockville MD United States is a great place to go with the family. It has a playground and picnic areas.

The community is a great place to live because it’s located near stores, restaurants and other amenities. It also has parks and trails. Learn more.

Parks and Recreation

The City of Rockville is home to a plethora of public and private parks and recreational facilities. One of the best known and most popular is the King Farm Park. The park is the brainchild of a former mayor and is a true testament to Rockville’s commitment to providing a high quality of life for its residents.

The park is a 12-acre public space located near the Saddle Ridge Clubhouse in the King Farm community of Rockville, Maryland. The park is a great place to burn off some steam after a long day at the office and is home to numerous amenities including a large children’s playground, a picnic area with grill and a surprisingly impressive array of athletic fields.

The best way to make the most of your park time is to take advantage of all the amenities on offer and let your imaginations run wild! A little creativity and a few well-placed word of mouth recommendations can go a long way.


King Farm Park Watkins Pond Blvd Rockville MD United States features a playground, picnic areas and various athletic fields. It is located on a 12-acre site and is maintained by the City of Rockville.

The park is a popular recreational area and is used for many events, such as community block parties, family picnics and tee-ball games. The park is also used as a day care facility for children and as a meeting place for local residents.

The park is a very popular place for families with children and has several large and themed playgrounds. These are used frequently during school hours and at weekends. Visit This URL.

Picnic Areas

King Farm Park is a 12-acre park owned and operated by the City of Rockville. It features a baseball and soccer field, basketball court, drinking fountains, grills, parking, shelter, picnic areas, playground and restrooms.

Located in the 430-acre, neo-traditional King Farm Development, the park is central to this thriving community. It is a national model for urban planning and was designed to provide space for living, working, shopping and recreation in a traditional American setting. Residents of King Farm can walk to shops, salons, grocery stores and offices.

Picnics are a common sight at King Farm Park, with a wide variety of people using the facility from stay at home parents and toddlers to pick-up basketball games on the weekends. The park is a popular location for school age children to participate in day care camps and also hosts a block party on the weekends with vendors, music and games. For more information on picnic area and shelter availability, visit the Parks and Recreation website.

Athletic Fields

King Farm Park Watkins Pond Blvd Rockville MD United States offers a 12 acre neo-traditionally designed community park with an array of athletic fields, including soccer field, tennis courts, basketball court and baseball diamond. The park also features a large playground, public art and picnic area with grill. The park was named as the top of its kind in Montgomery County by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and is located within the 430 acre King Farm development.

The park is a favorite among residents for its family-friendly activities and amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, fitness studio and two children’s pools. During the summer, it is used for a variety of events, including day care camps and a community block party. The park is also a great place for dog owners to take their pet to get some fresh air and exercise. The park is maintained by the City of Rockville and is free to use. Next article.

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