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Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Columbia, MD

Sky Zone is the ultimate indoor playground with wall-to-wall trampolines. Kids and teens can bounce to their heart’s content, sharpen their competitive edge in dodgeball, or hone their slam dunk skills on the basketball courts. The gym also offers classes like SkyRobics, which merge fun and fitness with calisthenics and strength-building aerobics. Read on to find out more.

Open Jump

Whether you’re jumping with little ones, doing flips and acrobatics on the trampoline walls, or playing dodgeball, Sky Zone’s got it all. The chain of indoor trampoline parks has features to suit every age group and athletic ability, from the 3-D Play Experience to fitness programs. Each jumper must wear Sky Socks, which can be purchased in the park.

The Columbia park, tucked into an industrial center off Oakland Mills Road, has multiple wall-to-wall trampoline courts that are the signature of all Sky Zone locations. Kids and adults can pay admission by the hour or sign up for a trampoline aerobics class or one of the many other activities, such as slam dunk basketball or dodgeball leagues. The facility does a brisk business hosting birthday parties, and it’s not uncommon to see three dozen groups in a day on weekends. It also hosts company team-building events. For a recent corporate outing, 85 employees squared off in a trampoline dodgeball tournament.


The Sky Zone chain of indoor trampoline parks takes gravity-defying fun to new heights, with features for all ages and fitness levels. Kids and teens jump freely in open trampoline arenas, while adults practice acrobatics on wall-to-wall half-pipes. Visitors can also sharpen their competitive edge in trampoline-assisted games like Ultimate Dodgeball, and hone strength-building aerobics in SkyRobics classes.

Tucked into an industrial park on Oakland Mills Road in Columbia, the facility has been a hit since it opened six weeks ago. General manager Jenee DeAngelis reports that birthday parties make up a large percentage of the business, but open jump periods are also popular.

Sky Zone, a franchise, has 80 locations across North America and is expanding quickly. Children and adults with endless energy can bounce on trampolines while practicing somersaults or slam-dunking basketballs. The park is equipped for visitors of all ages and ability levels, and instructors are on hand to ensure safety. Sky Zone requires all jumpers to wear special SkySocks, which are sold for $1. A must-see place!

Fitness Classes

Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park where bouncing and jumping aren’t just permitted but encouraged. The massive facility off Oakland Mills Road in Columbia offers a main open court, 3-D dodgeball, foam pits, and trampoline basketball.

The chain of trampoline parks that has 80 locations in North America also hosts fitness classes, which merge fun with exercise, such as strength-building aerobics and calisthenics. The company’s newest location in Howard County offers instructor-led programs, including SkyRobics.

The first in Maryland, the 31,000-square-foot park opened six weeks ago. The facility can accommodate all ages and athletic abilities, from toddlers to teens to adults. Jumpers must sign liability waivers and purchase Sky Socks before entering. Liability waivers can be completed in advance online or at the park. Admission is sold by the hour and is divided into sessions for different age groups. Birthday parties account for a large chunk of business. Kids and teens can hop from court to court with their own group or with one from another.

Birthday Parties

Located in Columbia, Maryland, Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park with wall-to-wall trampolines, a foam pit, dodgeball courts, and fitness programs. The facility also hosts birthday parties and groups. Guests can sign up for specialized trampoline aerobics classes or join activities targeted to toddlers, teens, or adults.

Sky Zone’s first location in Maryland, off Oakland Mills Road in Columbia, has been hopping since it opened six weeks ago. On a recent weeknight, children from three birthday parties jumped and dodged on the courts, while one girl practiced her split jumps and back flips for her gymnastics team.

The 31,000-square-foot space includes multiple trampoline courts for jumping and acrobatics, two dodgeball courts, a foam pit, and a basketball court for slam-dunking. Although birthday parties account for a large chunk of the business, adult groups are also flocking to the new attraction. Advertising executive Dave Imre recently brought 85 of his employees to Sky Zone for an afternoon of team building and award-giving that left them with more than just sore muscles. Discover more interesting articles.


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