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Wheaton Regional Park for You

A 536-acre park in Montgomery County, Wheaton Regional Park is a popular destination for families. It offers a variety of recreational activities, including horseback riding, fishing, hiking, picnicking, ice skating and more.

Brookside Gardens, a 50-acre award-winning garden located within the park, features a wide variety of horticultural displays. The Brookside Nature Center also enchants children with live reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects displays. Learn More about Silver Spring here.

Brookside Gardens

Brookside Gardens is one of Montgomery County’s largest and most popular parks. With 536 acres, it offers a variety of recreational and educational opportunities.

You can tour Brookside Gardens’ grounds, attend a nature program at Brookside Nature Center, hike scenic trails, take a ride on a train, go horseback riding, have a picnic, go fishing, ice skate or play ball.

There are more than 11 miles of paved and natural surface trails to explore. After hiking, biking or horseback riding, you can head to Pine Lake for a nice fishing spot. You can also visit the Adventure Playground with endless climbing structures, swings, giant slides, a sand castle and much more.

Brookside Nature Center

Brookside Nature Center has been a Montgomery County staple for 60 years. This Sunday, the park will celebrate its anniversary with free programs and activities from 1 to 7 p.m.

Brookside Nature Center offers quality programming and hands-on appreciation of natural and cultural resources for all ages, interests and abilities. It has live reptiles and amphibians, an observation beehive, Children’s Discovery Room, and wildlife exhibits.


Whether you’re interested in horseback riding, golf, or simply want to get your kids some outdoor time, the Stables at Wheaton Regional Park are the place to go. They offer a variety of fun and educational activities from guided trail rides to children’s summer camps.

There are three main areas of the park to explore. Glenallan Avenue hosts the Brookside Gardens, Brookside Nature Center and Horseback Riding Stables. Shorefield Road has the aforementioned Adventure Playground, a a train and carousel, fishing, and a few other cool things. Visit This Webpage.

Adventure Playground

Adventure playgrounds offer children the chance to take healthy risks, play with tools and lead their own adventures. This type of play is the foundation for a child’s development, and it’s also the way they learn to understand the world around them.

This playground is spread out for a wide range of ages, with a large slide area, a huge sandbox, and other fun equipment. There’s even a small shady sandlot adjacent to the toddler area.

Sports Pavilion

Wheaton Regional Park is an expansive forested area that borders many communities in Montgomery County. It offers a variety of recreational and educational activities across its 536 acres, including train rides, horseback riding, biking, and hiking.

The Shorefield Road entrance is a popular destination in the park because of its abundance of play spaces, picnic shelters, Pine Lake, and other amenities. It’s also home to the Wheaton Miniature Train & Historic Carousel.


Located in a forested area of Silver Spring, Wheaton Regional Park offers a variety of recreational and educational options on its 536 acres.

Among the many amenities at this park are picnic areas, Brookside Gardens, Brookside Nature Center, a lake, ice arena, indoor/outdoor tennis courts, lighted ball fields, trails, and Wheaton Stables.

Kids will have endless fun at the Adventure Playground, which features climbing structures, swings, giant slides, a sandcastle, and more. Children also love the old-fashioned carousel and a train ride that goes through the park (operates weekends only in April and September and daily from May through August).

Ice Arena

There are many fun family activities you can do at Wheaton Regional Park, from ice skating to hiking to fishing. This Montgomery County park is 536 acres, so there’s plenty of room to explore and play!

The ice arena is a must-see for a day of fun in the sun. Its features include an ice bar, snack bar, and a viewing area for the Wheaton mini-train. The rink also hosts Parent & Tot Skates events on Friday mornings.

Orebaugh Area

Wheaton Regional Park is one of Montgomery County’s finest parks, with 536 acres that include everything from train rides and horseback riding to picnic areas and trails. It is divided into three separate areas: Shorefield, Glenallan and Orebaugh.

In the Shorefield area, visitors can enjoy a carousel, ride on the train adjacent to Pine Lake and hiking trails. There are also numerous picnic shelters in this area. Brookside Gardens is in the Glenallan Area, as well as the Harper Cabin. Next article.

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