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ClimbZone Laurel

ClimbZone is a unique, family-focused climbing entertainment center. They have been open for just over a year. They have been incredibly popular since their launch. Kids as young as two years old can climb, as long as they meet the minimum and maximum weight requirements. Click for more.

Scale Mount Rushmore, rescue Rapunzel from her tower, battle knights, or simply climb to your heart’s content. With more than 70 whimsical indoor climbing walls to choose from, imaginations run wild.

Climbing Walls

Kids have wild imaginations and dreams that often come to life when they climb. ClimbZone USA is a fun way to let those dreams take flight. Whether they want to scale the rigging of a pirate ship, conquer a wall-sized game of Tetris, ascend Mount Rushmore, look each president in the eye, or rescue Rapunzel from her rope hairs, there are dozens of themed walls to choose from.

Climbers wear a harness and clip into the wall via a system that utilizes an auto-belay (a new technology developed in New Zealand and now beginning to be seen more in the United States). Once they have reached the top of their chosen wall, they simply push off and are slowly lowered back to the ground.

My four-year-old had some difficulty with the more challenging walls and needed a lot of help from the staff, which was great. Children must be at least two years of age to climb and active adult supervision is required. Waivers must be signed and can be completed ahead of time online.

Auto-Belay System

ClimbZone is a unique family entertainment center that has brought the highly popular concept from New Zealand to the US. The center features unique thematic climbable art walls that extend up to 40 feet high. Each wall has a different theme and challenge. Unlike most indoor climbing centers, children as young as two years old and adults can participate (as long as they are within the weight and height restrictions). Kids and adults use a harness to clip onto the pulley system on each wall and then are slowly lowered back down when they want to come down.

Guests can scale the rigging of a pirate ship, crawl through a wall-sized game of Tetris, or even scale Mount Rushmore. Each whimsical wall captures the imagination and gets the heart racing. The Auto-Belay system allows children and adults to enjoy the thrill of indoor rock climbing without any of the risks. Learn more about Field of Screams Maryland here.

Birthday Parties

ClimbZone Laurel offers the most unique and revolutionary indoor climbing experience that has ever been created. Its specialized indoor climbing walls are all themed with a variety of imaginative structures for kids to scale, including Jack’s Giant Beanstalk, the Eiffel Tower, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Children as young as two years old can climb here as long as they are active and within the maximum weight limit for each age group. The auto-belay system allows climbers to control their own progress up the wall, with gravity gently lowering them back to safety when they are ready.

Kids love to come here, and it’s a great place for birthday parties as well. It is recommended to reserve a party ahead of time online or by calling. The package includes a coordinator who will check in your guests, get them harnessed, and explain how to climb, as well as seating in the party area. A minimum of 10 party guests is required.

Family Fun

ClimbZone USA is a revolutionary family entertainment and adventure center that allows children and adults to let their imaginations run wild with unique indoor climbing walls. Kids can scale Jack’s beanstalk, shimmy up a giant guitar, or conquer a game of Tetris and then get gently lowered to the ground by an auto-belay system.

The concept was brought from New Zealand and is now becoming popular in the United States. Kids as young as two years old and even adults can participate in climbing, as long as they meet the minimum and maximum weight requirements.

We were able to save time by filling out the waiver online ahead of our visit. We also recommend making reservations in advance, especially during the weekends or on busy days. Once you enter the building and pay for your climbing time, you are brought over to a practice wall where someone helps everyone hook on their harnesses and teaches them how to use the climbing system (one belay clip up top and another one on the floor). After that, kids can climb on any open walls. Up next is Lake Elkhorn Park.


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