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Field of Screams Maryland

A Hollywood-level attraction, Field of Screams Maryland employs well-trained actors to scare patrons. The event is a popular one, and the company that produces it, Steelhead Events, is actively seeking employees for the season. See more.

The defendant asks patrons to sign waivers stating that they have read the warnings and accept the risks of participating in the attraction. Deal analyzed the waivers and determined that “virtually nobody” comes from Pennsylvania, which is about two hours away by car.

Haunted House

This immersive haunted attraction benefits the Olney Boys and Girls Club. The monthlong event opens on Sept 23 and runs through Oct 31. Tickets are $44, and include admission to the Slaughter Factory haunted house, plus the flagship one-hour nail-biting Super Screams trail featuring 27 terrifying stations, including Chainsaw Hill, City Morgue, and the new Clown Chaos.

This year, Steelhead Events, which produces Field of Screams Maryland, is hiring for everything from actors and makeup artists to construction, ticket takers, security, and crowd control (including off-duty police officers). It also has a bonus program in place where employees can earn up to 100% of their normal pay if they show up and work hard.

Due to record crowds, the company has doubled the number of scenes packed with custom props and professional actors on its one-hour Super Screams trail. There are now 50 scenes, including Skinner Shack, Infested House, and Laser Maze. The experience has attracted the attention of Hollywood producers and has gained a reputation as one of USA Today’s top-rated haunted attractions.

Trail of Terror

During the Trail of Terror, brave visitors will walk through 26 stations of Camp Fear where 20-year-old campers laughed, played, and brutally died. The experience will include a trip inside the all-new Lusion Manor haunted house, axe throwing, and a visit to a zombie paintball apocalypse.

Located at the Olney Boys and Girls Club Community Park, Field of Screams Maryland opened Sept 23 and runs through Oct 31. Its Hollywood-level productions have gained the attention of film producers and landed it on USA Today’s list of top-rated haunted attractions.

Steelhead Events, which produces the immersive attraction, is hiring for a wide variety of positions. From makeup and scare actors to construction and ticket takers, the company welcomes a diverse workforce. The company pays competitive wages and offers bonuses for great attendance and a high level of professionalism. Interested applicants can visit the company’s website for more information. The company’s goal is to make its employees proud and happy with their careers at the haunt. Discover more exciting places here.

Zombie Paintball Apocalypse

With zombies invading popular culture with blockbuster films and The Walking Dead, a paintball variation that allows participants to kill the undead can be a huge draw. Many paintball venues offer special nighttime zombie matches for Halloween, though you can play this game year-round.

To play the game, guests are given glow-in-the-dark paintball guns and transported to a battlefield. Zombies are scattered throughout the gameplay area, and it’s up to players to quickly traverse the terrain and kill them all to win. The undead doesn’t stand still, so glancing blows won’t work; instead, players must zig-zag, change direction unexpectedly, and hide in natural hiding spots to survive.

This attraction is an ideal money maker for businesses that already operate a farm, pumpkin patch, corn maze, or hay ride. It’s also a great way to earn extra cash on the weekends leading up to Halloween. And it’s a great way to keep your business busy year-round!

Food & Drink

If you’re in the mood for something a little different from the usual haunted house experience, try this new attraction. They offer a series of scare zones, each with its own unique theme and feel. Unlike some of the other attractions, Field of Screams is well-staffed with actors who really commit to their roles and give you the fright of your life.

Whether you’re in the mood for a terrifying carnival game, a trip through a slaughter factory, or two petrifying trails merged into one, you’ll have a blast at this haunted forest. General admission tickets start at $50, which include access to the Slaughter Factory haunted house and the one-hour nail-biting Super Screams Trail.

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