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The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring

The Adventure Park at Sandy Springs is an outdoor adventure course that has everyone ages 5 and up climbing across obstacles up in the trees. It is also known as a ropes course or challenge course.

There are 15 trails that range in difficulty from purple to a double black diamond. All courses have zip lines and a combination of “bridges” between tree platforms that are made of cable, wire, and wood configurations. More by clicking here.

Fun for the whole family

The Adventure Park at Sandy Springs is an outdoor challenge course set up in a forest on the grounds of the Sandy Springs Friends School. It has 13 trails for ages five and up, ranging from beginner to expert. It is the largest ropes course and zipline in North America, offering visitors a chance to get up close to nature while testing their balance, agility, and focus.

The courses are a mix of different obstacles rigged in the trees on cables and wood, making them suitable for all fitness levels. You’ll be provided with a harness that you must wear throughout your experience, and you can expect to spend about 3 hours on the course.

There are also special events like Keep It Lit, where you can climb and zipline while the park is lit up with neon lights and music playing. The park is also a great choice for birthday parties, as groups can book a private space to celebrate their big day together.

Aerial Adventure Forest

Let your sense of adventure know no bounds at this treetop course. They offer a variety of courses for different levels of experience from the novice to the adrenaline junkie. It can take around three hours to complete a course that features 125+ suspended elements including zip lines, monkey bars, rope nets, Tarzan swings, wooden bridges, and a Leap of Faith.

Guests can book reservations online. The website also provides a link to the online waiver for the Guests to fill out. It’s recommended that all Guests, especially those under 18, sign the waiver electronically before they visit.

Kids ages 5 to 6 are welcome on courses but must be accompanied by an adult. They can test their skills, balance, and determination on a series of trials that fall under five levels of difficulty. In addition, the park offers twilight and nighttime experiences called Keep It Lit and Glow in the Park. Each includes a two-hour adventure on the course that’s illuminated with neon lights and music playing. More places to also visit by clicking here.

The Labyrinth

Whether you call it an adventure park, challenge course, or aerial forest, this unique venue offers the whole family new experiences that will create lasting memories. The highlight is the labyrinth, a physical riddle that’s fun and frustrating in equal measure.

This walk-only attraction is based on a classic design that dates back to the 11th century. Its spiraling pathways are embedded in river rocks and lead to a center that’s crowned by a 31,000-pound spire-like boulder.

The exhibit is designed to look just like the one in the film. False brick corridor walls give the illusion that you’re entering an endless hallway on both sides. Luckily, you can find your way out by following the same path you entered, or else relying on “Ello the Worm” to help you. The experience provides a powerful reminder of the need to be patient and kind in our daily lives. (Health and Wellness). Walking a labyrinth also helps reduce stress, provides a sense of calm, and promotes mindfulness.


The K2Trees is a series of seven climbing areas that will take your breath away. The climbs are designed to push you, but not so far that you can’t make it to the next level.

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